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Ladies of Grace go global

I received this lovely comment form one of my regular customers today.

“These dolls are great for little girls and what a wonderful way to introduce God’s word into a home for the curiosity of children will cause them to inspect the doll from top to toe and very soon they will find the bible verse and want to know all about it.  I have given away quite a few of these dolls so they are now even in Africa and Canada.  They are loved by the wee ones who have them and their Mums have had to find the verse for them and  I am praying that it won’t stop there.”

Thank you.



Special order.


I have just made my first personalised order. A Sarah doll dressed in a blue fluffy ‘onesey’. It is for a little baby boy called Jacob. We picked Sarah because she was Jacobs Grandma in the Bible and this will be from Baby Jacobs Grandma! Clever little link there.  I left off the bow in the hair and designed this little blue suit with a tail.

As I keep saying I cannot do different names at the moment but I can personalise them.                                                                                                                                                         Valerie