Easter Blessings

Hello, Sorry I have been quiet for some time. Ladies of Grace have had to be put to one side for a wee while, but you can still buy on line.
In October my youngest daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and of course as her Mum I wanted to be there soon after the birth to help. She had a very long and difficult labour ending with a c-section which meant I stayed even longer to help look after them all – as any Mum would do, became the live in House Keeper. During this time I met some of the Ladies who cared for them both in hospital and at home afterwards, plus the caring Ladies from their Church.
The day after I returned home, my 86yr old Mum, who had become very frail and thin had the first of many falls meaning I became a carer for her and also came into contact with an army of Ladies who work full time as carers going into homes. Three weeks ago Mum had a bad fall and ended up in hospital and this week has moved to long term Rest Bite care – again I have met Ladies who dedicate their lives to caring. And all of us still look after our own families and keep the house running. I’m not complaining, am glad I could do it, but I know I can not do it without the support of my husband, daughters and family plus all the prayer support and great strength and love I received from God.
Just think, for a moment of the Ladies who knew Jesus, followed him, listened to him, made meals and cared for him. How do you think they felt watching the man they love die in one of the cruellest ways of that time. They did not leave him, sat with him, followed his body to the tomb and went back 3 days later to attend to the body. They must have been in bits, but they did it.
As women God gives us the strength to deal with lots of situations and he never leaves us
This Easter spare a minute to think of any women you know who are struggling as a daughter,wife, mother, carer and ask God to bless them.
With love this Easter. Ladies of Grace