Dolls abroad.

Six Ladies of Grace have gone to Brazil. We have had a wonderful team leading events at our Church from Brazil where our Pastor comes from and they have bought six dolls with of course a nightie and bed jacket. They all loved the dolls and the background to them. They have been taken back to their daughters some of  whom have the names of the dolls. My very English looking dolls will certainly stand out there!

This adds to the Global list of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, Spain and France. I never dreamt that these dolls would go to other countries! But God’s word is global.


Easter Blessings

Hello, Sorry I have been quiet for some time. Ladies of Grace have had to be put to one side for a wee while, but you can still buy on line.
In October my youngest daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and of course as her Mum I wanted to be there soon after the birth to help. She had a very long and difficult labour ending with a c-section which meant I stayed even longer to help look after them all – as any Mum would do, became the live in House Keeper. During this time I met some of the Ladies who cared for them both in hospital and at home afterwards, plus the caring Ladies from their Church.
The day after I returned home, my 86yr old Mum, who had become very frail and thin had the first of many falls meaning I became a carer for her and also came into contact with an army of Ladies who work full time as carers going into homes. Three weeks ago Mum had a bad fall and ended up in hospital and this week has moved to long term Rest Bite care – again I have met Ladies who dedicate their lives to caring. And all of us still look after our own families and keep the house running. I’m not complaining, am glad I could do it, but I know I can not do it without the support of my husband, daughters and family plus all the prayer support and great strength and love I received from God.
Just think, for a moment of the Ladies who knew Jesus, followed him, listened to him, made meals and cared for him. How do you think they felt watching the man they love die in one of the cruellest ways of that time. They did not leave him, sat with him, followed his body to the tomb and went back 3 days later to attend to the body. They must have been in bits, but they did it.
As women God gives us the strength to deal with lots of situations and he never leaves us
This Easter spare a minute to think of any women you know who are struggling as a daughter,wife, mother, carer and ask God to bless them.
With love this Easter. Ladies of Grace

Manchester Craft Markets

For the first time I will have a stall at a Manchester Craft Market, on Friday 29th May 2015 and Friday 5th June 2015 10.00 till 5.30. We can be found in New Cathedral row, on the paved area behind M & S and Zara inside the big tent.

This is quite a gamble for me and I a little bit apprehensive but you have to try these things! Hope to see lots of people.                                                                                           Valerie

Upcoming events in March 2015

Wednesday 4th March 10.00 to 12.00  I am at Oldham Library at the Baby Days Spring Fair. The stalls will be in the Children’s section and open to anybody. Also this event will be repeated the following Wednesday at Limehurst Library, Oldham.

I am also giving one of my talks at St Matthews Church, Healds Green, Oldham at their Ladies Group on Tuesday 10th March at 7.30.

I am very busy sewing getting extra stock ready for ECG Scarborough. 🙂 As a special addition for ECG I have made some small cloth bags for little girls to carry their dolls and accessories in while they are on their holiday. Only available at ECG.


ECG 2015

Just to let you know I have booked a stall at this years ECG in Scarborough – 7th to the 12th April. After requests from some of my young customers last year, I will be selling extra dresses and cardigans, nighties and bed jackets, plus small handbags for the Ladies. I have also made especially for ECG some fabric bags to carry the dolls with their extra clothes in.

Hope to see you there.


Happy Christmas


Wishing you a Peaceful and Happy Christmas 2014 from Ladies of Grace. Thank you to everyone who supported and helped me over the last year.

May God richly bless you in 2015.

‘As she gazed on the face of the babe of Bethlehem Anna knew that the past predictions of Him were fulfilled.’                                                                                               Valerie

Ladies of Grace go global

I received this lovely comment form one of my regular customers today.

“These dolls are great for little girls and what a wonderful way to introduce God’s word into a home for the curiosity of children will cause them to inspect the doll from top to toe and very soon they will find the bible verse and want to know all about it.  I have given away quite a few of these dolls so they are now even in Africa and Canada.  They are loved by the wee ones who have them and their Mums have had to find the verse for them and  I am praying that it won’t stop there.”

Thank you.